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AB Industry S.A. General Contractor of Industrial Investments

AB Industry S.A. is a leading engineering company in Poland. We advise, design and build industrial plants. We equip them with process installations and design and implement solutions in the field of industrial automation and electrical engineering. We have extensive experience in relocating plants and production lines. We conduct projects all over the world, our experienced team of 120 engineers carries them out in a fair, professional and timely manner.

Our core business is:

  • Consultancy in the field of industrial investments, preparation of feasibility studies and conceptual projects
  • Consultancy in the field of industrial investments, preparation of feasibility studies and conceptual projects
  • Performing comprehensive design studies in all phases of the investment and obtaining the required permits on behalf of the investor
  • General construction of industrial plants and construction facilities in a needs-based formula
  • Execution of automation systems and process installations
  • Modernization, relocation and expansion of machines, production lines and process installations
AB Industry S.A. was built on three strong foundations. They determine our work and thanks to them we are among the leading engineering companies in Poland. For over 10 years, we have been conscientiously and with the full commitment of our engineers, implementing projects for our customers. We have one goal - to perform the task in an honest, professional and timely manner. These three seemingly simple assumptions are not just empty words, it is everyday hard work, it is constant learning, looking for optimal solutions and drawing conclusions. We implement these principles at every stage of our work, regardless of the position held, seniority or experience. Our employees are equal, there are no more important or less important departments in the company structure, everyone works for joint success. The success for us is the execution of the project in accordance with the customer's requirements, the assumed schedule, at the highest technical level and in compliance with applicable regulations. We support and respect each other, together we create and develop our company.