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Thanks to our constant cooperation with international corporations, we have become experts and have repeatedly carried out relocations and assembly of production lines. The scope of services includes both entire production halls and individual machines. In recent years, AB Industry has implemented such projects in different countries around the world.

The scope of services most often includes:


  • site inventory – checking the current state of the machines, determining the necessary modifications and improvements,
  • updating documentation – analysis of the status of documentation and its verification,
  • technological disassembly – execution of works related to the disassembly of machines, pipelines and transport routes,
  • electrical disassembly – marking and unmounting of cables, protection of sensory systems and control systems, disassembly of power and control cabinets,
  • transport – all works related to transport, insurance and protection of machinery,
  • mechanical overhaul – replacement of components, maintenance works, replacement of worn machine parts, modernization of the I&C system – replacement of sensors, migration of control systems, adaptation of machines to current standards,
  • adaptation of the electrical system to the new workplace – change of line configuration, modernization of efficiency, removal/addition of fragments of production lines, integration with a new production /technological process,
  • adaptation to the requirements of new users – adaptation to the requirements of the country in which the line currently operates, translation of documentation and operator dashboards,
  • technological assembly – installation on site, welding works, mechanical assemblies,
  • electrical installation – installation of control and power cabinets, connection of wiring, location of cable routes, installation and calibration of sensors, construction of utility connections,
  • putting into service,
  • tests,
  • service care.