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AB Industry is a general contractor for technological investments. Thanks to a large number of specialized and experienced engineers, we can offer you a comprehensive implementation and automation of production lines and process installations. We have made many production lines for the food industry.

Many years of experience in technological installations, control systems and transport systems allow us to realize complete turnkey implementations of production lines and process installations, among others in industrial installations.

Each project related to the implementation of the production line is divided into three phases:

  • design of production lines,
  • contracting and construction of production lines,
  • commissioning of technological lines.

Each phase is a set of strictly defined activities performed by our engineers.

Design of production lines:

  • determining customer's needs,
  • specification of detailed requirements for the designed installation,
  • execution of conceptual design,
  • verification of customer requirements,
  • preparation of the detailed design:
    • construction,
    • electric
    • mechanical,
    • technological
    • sanitary and HVAC,
    • execution of the investor's cost estimate.

Contracting and construction of production lines,

  • prefabrication of machines, transport routes,
  • execution of technological components:
    • raw material metering systems,
    • unloading systems of road tankers,
    • mixers and tanks,
    • Big-Bag stations,
    • automatic weighing systems,
    • piping:
    • stainless,
    • galvanized,
    • made of plastic,
    • pumps,
    • valves,
    • prefabrication of sanitary and HVAC system elements,
    • execution of power and control cabinets,
    • implementation of the necessary construction works related to the preparation of the premises,
    • execution of technological assemblies,
    • teletechnical installations

Implementation of Necessary Process Management Systems:

  • Batch
  • MES
  • ERP,
  • Integration with SAP systems

Commissioning of technological lines:

  • installation commissioning,
  • tests,
  • compilation of documentation,
  • conducting trainings,
  • oservice, warranty and post-warranty care,
  • inspections.